This topic wasn’t always as important to me as it is today.

Not very long ago, I was buying and using whatever brand of shampoo and conditioner from CVS that sounded good to me that day, not even thinking twice about it. I did, however, think it was important to use cleaner, all-natural face wash products. So, I was buying a very well known ‘plant and science-based’ company’s products. I thought I was making a good decision investing my money in these more natural face regimen products.

It was not until my good friend and Podcast co-host, Casey Poe-Campbell, introduced me to The Never List.

Casey and I were talking one day at our Nutritional Therapy Association workshop about non-toxic skin and beauty care products. She very nonchalantly handed me a ‘Never List’ and advised me to go home and compare the ingredient label with my all-natural ‘plant and science-based’ skincare company.

So, I did.

When I got home, I discovered that ALL of the products I was using from this all-natural company had the word ‘fragrance’ on the ingredient label, which was an ingredient on the never list. Curious, I asked Casey about this ingredient. She was the first person to tell me that the word ‘fragrance’ can hide and contain up to 3,000 toxic chemicals that the company does not have to reveal on the product label.

This shocked me. It was such an eye-opener.

That experience sparked my passion for spreading the word about safer skincare and beauty products to everyone. After learning so much through my NTP program about the harmful effects of toxins on our bodies and the significant health problems they cause like issues with fertility, immune and endocrine system disruptions, joint pain, allergies, chronic fatigue and more, I had to do something.

I decided to partner with Beautycounter, a mission-based company that zealously advocates for stricter, more protective beauty care laws.

Why is this important?

The skin is our bodies largest organ

  • Everything we put onto our skin absorbs into our bodies.

Fact: It takes 26 seconds for the toxins in your skincare products to be absorbed into your bloodstream.


The United States introduces over 80,000 chemicals in WWII

  • Only 10% of these chemicals possess any safety data

Lack of regulation in the beauty industry

  • Gives companies permission to use potentially harmful ingredients in our skincare products and cosmetics

Research studies uncover a relationship between toxins and human health

  • Linking chemically-laden personal care products to cancer, fertility issues, and other hormones imbalances.


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