My education with nutrition and functional medicine started in 2016.

Before then…

I was a Geologist working at Apple, Inc. as a GIS Data Technician.  I was not super happy with my job or the career path I was on. This inspired me to look into nutrition programs to learn more about my passion, food, health, alternative medicine options and how nutrition plays a role in our bodies. I wanted to learn more for my own knowledge but also to help others.


The first step I took was signing up for the Nutritional Therapy Association NTP Program. It changed my life! I had researched many other programs like IIN but there was something about the NTP Program that was calling my heart.

And boy am I glad I listened to that calling!

The Nutritional Therapy Association set me up in the right direction to start my career guiding people to a healthier version of themselves. Focusing on diet recommendations and incorporating the hands-on Functional Evaluation skill to determine nutritional deficiencies and areas of high need in my clients.


After gaining clinical experience working with well known Functional Medicine Practitioner, Evan Brand and Functional MD, Dr. Dian Ginsberg, I wanted to be able to discover and address the underlying health programs in my clients using functional lab testing. So, that’s when I decided to complete the Functional Medicine University (FMU) program.


FMU gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to be able to understand and interpret comprehensive functional lab tests. Using functional lab tests, I have a set of clinical skills to help us investigate and discover the underlying root cause factors creating your symptoms and concerns.


If you’re interested in becoming certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association or Functional Medicine University program, refer me and use my link below to get a discount!

Nutritional Therapy Association: enter my name “Megan Gump” under the referral section.

Functional Medicine University: use this link to register for the next upcoming course