Lime Chicken Cassava Tacos

I have grown to absolutely love Cassava Tortillas. And pretty much anything Cassava.

Cassava, also known as Yucca, is a high carbohydrate root vegetable. It is a wonderful alternative to use for tortillas, chips, biscuits, bread, and flour as it does not contain the protein gluten. Cassava is also high in fiber and a good source of the minerals calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and potassium.

This is a great weeknight recipe. I like to make the crockpot shredded chicken the night before or during the day while at work. I also make the cassava tortilla dough ahead of time so we just have to roll it out and cook the tortillas on the skillet. When we come home from work, there is a meal ready to go! All we have to do is assemble the tacos. Plus, there is plenty of chicken leftover for lunch for the rest of the week. The leftover chicken makes a great topping to any salad.

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Warm Beet Salad

The humble beet is an antioxidant-rich root vegetable that provides serious support for the liver and gallbladder. The deep pigments that give beets their rich color, called betalains, are special phytonutrients that provide anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits.

Loaded with a variety of additional nutrients such as folate, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin C, beets are a great way to increase the nutrient-density of your diet.

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