Hi! I’m Megan. I’m a Certified Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CFMP, NTP) here to help you on your health journey. I want to discover and address the root cause of your symptoms just as I did for myself.

I grew up with a lot of food allergies. Mostly allergic to red food dye and other artificial colorings. But, these sensitivities created other problems for me throughout my life.

At the age of 4, I once ate a hot dog at a party that made me break out in hives so bad, I was laid out on our kitchen counter with my mom rubbing an oatmeal paste all over my body. I had to be rushed to the hospital because my throat was closing due to the inflammation of the reaction. This was one of MANY hive breakouts during my younger years.

As a young child and throughout middle school, I had severe ADHD. Never took medications for my attention difficulty or hyperactive energy but it did create challenges for me growing up.

In middle school and high school, I began to experience other emotional symptoms of depression, self-sabotage, and a confused self-image. I also had a serious addiction to candy. Connected? Most definitely.

If only I knew the things I know now back then. But hey, I wouldn’t be the same person!

My greatest struggle in the few years has been my hormonal imbalance. I started taking birth control at the age of 15 (cause that’s what young girls do when they have bad cramps, right?). I finally got off the pill in January 2017 after learning all of the horrible side effects it has on a woman’s body. 13 years of taking a prescription medication, every day of my life.

The Nutritional Therapy Association was the first place I began to learn about holistic health, non-toxic living, and functional medicine.

I lived most of my life never thinking about the root cause of my food sensitivities, ADHD, mental health issues or acne I developed right around the age of 15 and carried along with me into my adult life.

Since becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I have run comprehensive stool, urine and blood tests on myself to discover underlying infections and imbalances that gave me the answers to my symptoms.

I’m here to help you discover and address the root cause of your symptoms. Tired all the time? Fertility issues? Adult acne? Gaining weight or hit a plateau? Feel like you eat clean and workout but not seeing results? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, ADHD or other symptoms as I did? Do you poop every day? Cause you should! Let’s work together to find the underlying causes of your health symptoms with Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and a Holistic Lifestyle.